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sabaidee สวัสดี - a note from michael

We have the job, the volunteer work, and a place to stay. Now we just need to get there! We've set up a site so that you can help us get settled in Thailand if you want to help.

During the last week of February, a friend in Roi Et, Thailand offered me a job at a school in her city. Marie-gael and I decided within the week--because that's all the time we had--that this is where are needed, so I accepted the job.

We need to be in Thailand by the beginning of June, so we have a lot to get done in order to make this big move. This is not a visit, this is a complete move to a place that we will stay in as long as we are able. It has been our dream to help in a foreign country, so I can't say how happy we are to have this chance.

There are some expenses involved in getting to Thailand that we will not be able to meet on our own and many people have expressed a desire to contribute toward our move, so we set up this site to make it easy for you. Thank you for all the support you have given and continue giving us.

(btw we used our honeymoon site because it's free and efficient, but this is for our move)

from now on, if you look in the left column under the contact button 
& above my etsy shop, you will find the donation link.
copjyelyelye penong!


NuminosityBeads said...

Oh, I just love Thailand. I've been there many times and always keep returning.
xoxo Kim