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vertigo home decor

decor inspired by 
the movie that shaped my personal style

portrait of carlotta oil painting
hand painted spiral dot plate by owlcreekceramics via etsy
golden gate photograph fine art print by TheresaVotolato via etsy
redwoods photograph fine art print by RandomHappenstance via etsy
vintage step stool from lisabretrostyle2 via etsy
photograph of rooftop fine art print by CarrStudio via etsy
spiral staircase photograph fine art print by raindropdesigns via etsy
vertigo clock via cb2
row house oil painting by talbertart via etsy


woman in white

inspired by
the woman in white by wilke collins
noted as the first thiller
& my latest read

my wabi-sabi jars - only 8 left via etsy
fine art print by lewfoster via etsy


"for the benefit of mister kite"

title quote by the beatles
inspired by
the elephant that just walked by my house
let me give him a petting

vintage japanese elephant coin bank from hootandeye via etsy
ferris wheel fine art photograph by Raceytay via etsy
gourmet caramel apples by TheAtomicApple via etsy
vintage carnival carousel dress from VintageFrocksOfFancy via etsy
bear & unicycle fine art print by jangoArts via etsy
nowhere to go but up fine art print by ginaconti via etsy
vintage brass fire juggling batons from TheCornerStoreBK via etsy
hand painted italian moka by BeatrizMacias via etsy
handmade resin earrings by anaweisz via etsy remind me of kaleidoscopes & fireworks
eco chic classic striped messenger bag by ikabags via etsy
custom circus tent sugar cookies by BeesKneesCreative via etsy
antique french carousel horse from GraceRestoration via etsy
natural cotton candy lip balm by sakurabathandbody via etsy
this is from inside our apartment.  i ran out & fed him.  i love living here! 


jadite kate

interview with 

jadite kate's store
welcome to the first installment of my new interview series where i'll be spotlighting artists, creative people, gallery owners, & today, a shop owner.  i stumbled across jadite kate on etsy earlier this year completely by accident, but the bright colors, rusty details, & clean lines drew me in.  i keep coming back to it.  it's one of those places that instantly relaxes & inspires you.  
she has a strong eye for the fresh & charming.