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hanging garden how-to

i'm very pleased to share this post with steve asbell 
of one of my very favourite blogs, the rainforest garden.

first up, i'll walk you through making living curtain 
& then steve will explain how to make his gorgeous rainforest drops

living curtain

since my recent move to thailand, i've fallen in love with the hanging gardens that seem to be spilling from over every surface.  this hanging garden will allow air to flow through my windows while providing some privacy & shade once it fills in.

  • a plant - i'm using a parasitic orchid, but you can use air plants or even use this same method to wrap a regular pot for any plant.
  • wood - i'm using coconut husks
  • string - i'm using twine, but you can use wire as well
  • a place to hang your curtain - since i live in the tropics, i'm attaching mine to the outside of my window, but you can use a curtain rod indoors if you like
  • i found it was best to use plants with falling foliage near the top & rising near the bottom
  • for a more layered affect, in addition to orchids, i've also added philodendron, african violets, & a blue morning glory vine.  this means that in a few months, the window will be covered in blooms.

rainforest drops

I think that I've finally perfected the recipe and I couldn't wait to share. The old way works just fine, but I think that you'll find these instructions a bit easier to swallow. To sum it up: I root the cuttings first, stuff the grapevine ball with long grain sphagnum moss, and tuck in the cuttings! 
This version is loads easier.

1. Pre-root the Rhipsalis Cuttings

Giving the rhipsalis cuttings a head start makes it much easier to establish your Rainforest Drop. Simply line a used and washed Chinese food takeout tray with moistened short grain sphagnum moss or potting soil, lay the cuttings down lengthwise and cover. A few weeks will do the trick. 

Don't have a Chinese takeout tray? Try these instructions instead.

2. Stuff Ball With Sphagnum Moss
The long grain sphagnum moss is not only a dream to work with, but it's also very moisture retentive. This means less watering! The orchid bark from my original directions is attractive enough but has the unfortunate habit of falling through the openings in the ball and making things difficult for you.

3. Insert Rooted Cuttings
Tuck in the rooted ends of the rhipsalis cuttings and tightly pack in some more of the moistened long grain sphagnum moss around the stems. Thoroughly water your horticultural masterpiece once or twice a week, periodically mist with a spray bottle, and fertilize when the stems lose their deep green coloration.

For more information on caring for and displaying your little hanging garden, or if you want to skip the fuss and buy one from me instead, check out the Frequently Asked Questions or the original instructions ... or just drop me a line at!



decor & fashion inspired by 
my recent move to the tropics

typified by lush color & the clean geometric lines of local plants
& traditional patterns

spectrum caftan dress via anthropologie
vintage teak bowls from thailand from FunVintageLiving via etsy
vintage batik wood block from garishvibe via etsy
adriatic bangle via free people

brass turkish tea set from gumbygirl via etsy
handmade from recycled saris, kantha quilted throw via west elm
moroccan tea glasses from Moroccanpoufs via etsy
vintage thai fans from modernlogic via etsy
vintage lapis multan tribal ring from ChezVous via etsy

vintage cotton boho elephant tee from agnestheowl via etsy
chinese laundry carbo sandel for sale at dsw
2011 swimwear anthropologie lookbook


orange ya glad

decor inspired by
this beautiful handmade throw i just acquired
from an otop market down the street

fashion designer liza bruce's home via the article "a jewel of a home in morocco" via elle decor
flutter pattern rug via anthropologie
across the marsh oil painting by JamesHingston via etsy

vintage set of red orange herman miller eames shell chairs from thevintagesupplyco via etsy
cork lined wooden box with copper enamel insert by annemarie davidson from mascarajones via etsy
nordic tea print in retro scandinavian style by handz via etsy
vintage dansk orange enamel paella pan from yokohiyoko via etsy
vintage glass seltzer bottle from KingsDownRoad via etsy
greek key throw pillow by WillaSkyeHome via etsy
pair of mid-century modern lamps from thevintagesupplyco via etsy
fox fun fine art print by schalle via etsy
handmade coasters by kerry brooks via anthropologie
the best book on interior design you will ever read by maxwell gillingham-ryan of apartment therapy


zoë keating woke me up

Copyright Zoe keating by nadya lev for coilhouse magazine
maybe it's something intrinsically artist, but i have a hard time quieting my mind.  trying to go to sleep is a bit like watching a mashup of the opening credits to rubicon & temple grandin.  lately, i've been hushing myself by listening to audio books & programs.  last night, i loaded up some old episodes of radiolab.  hours after i'd drifted off, i woke, startled, hearing this incredible sound.  i sat up, rewound, & listened to the entire program which i've embedded here for you.

according to her website,
zoë keating is a one-woman orchestra. she uses a cello and a foot-controlled laptop to record layer upon layer of cello, creating intricate, haunting and compelling music. zoë is known for both her use of technology - which she uses to sample her cello onstage - and for her diy ethic which has resulted in the sale of over 35,000 copies of her self-released albums and a devoted social media following.

there's nothing about that that doesn't make me swoon.  i've always believed strongly that art is math.  music is nothing but additions & subtractions.  sounds nothing but waves echoing through the air till it triggers our ears to send us messages in neurological binary.  art to me, is nothing but the most perfect science.  so her use of technology WITH her art to create is ... well, just watch.

here is the song that woke me up, escape artist.

video from her wired interview

you can also download "optimist" for free here


petals ... flowery fashion

inspired by 
my garden

a rose along my front wall
cocktail hat by ArturoRios via etsy
vintage clutch from PearlyCollection via etsy
posie-tint cheek & lipstain by benefit
silk cashmere wrap via jcrew
viva la betsey wide bangle by betsey johnson via nordstrom's
resort 2012 collection by dsquared2 via
a flowering vine on my porch