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paintings currently available

orange 2 x 4 feet SOLD
shell 2 x 4 feet SOLD
oxidation 3 x 4 feet SOLD
blue 61 x 48 inches $125
narrow 3 x 2 feet SOLD
liz 12 x 9 inches $30
vortex 9 x 12 inches $15
three 14.75 x 11 inches $40
self 10.5 x 14.75 inches $40


pi day wedding 3.14159265358

march 14th, also known as π day
perfect for a math wedding
of course, you'll need pies.  cut out the shape with this pi cookies cutter.
stack tables with vintage math books from OurBookShelf via etsy
scatter tools like rulers & this vintage compass from CuriousCrowVintage via etsy
keep guests busy with suduku table cloths
but don't forget pi pencils from Wacodis via etsy
dots are circles too!  vintage dot dress from violetvillevintage via etsy
display pi to as many places as you can!  numbers by bettyhendrick via etsy
give out number lollpops by VintageConfections via etsy
recycled calculus tags for your favors by Tanithsoddsandends via etsy
how cool would these be with 3 1 4?  circle save the dates by printyourparty via etsy
get geometric by hanging these 3D circle garlands by MaisyandAlice via etsy
nerdify your punch with pi ice from thinkgeek
extra credit if your guests sign your guest book with an equation in this protractor notebook from presentandcorrect via etsy
pi friendship bracelets for your wedding party from paulapi via etsy
forget rose petals, scatter these calculus circles from Tanithsoddsandends via etsy
pi cuff links for the rational (rdrr) fella by dedalo via etsy
handwritten pi could become a beautiful backdrop for photos when printed on a roll of canvas
circle pi (nk) ring by onegarnetgirl via etsy
how about a bouquet of algebra roses by mrgnome via etsy
math love invitations by shineinvitations via etsy
add some pops of color by displaying a few vintage abaci from thevintagency via etsy


jane eyre

this post is for my husband & sister-in-law, devout brontë fans.  
because of them, i'm now working my way through all of the books.
here is some badly burnt eye porridge.
the historic haddon hall was used for filming thornfield


good design

too often in western culture, 
there is a divide of from from function.  there is this underlying belief, a sense that things beautiful must lack substance, 
& things useful have no need of beauty.  
i'm not in that school.   i believe perfect form & function cannot exist without each other.  this is wonderfully illustrated in recent efforts to design efficient housing for disaster relief.

tang & yang's bamboo + paper house
this folding house was designed to meet the need of 1.5 temporary homes in china.  it's origami inspired design allows it to be transported & assembled easily into varying arrangements.

house arc by Joseph Bellomo Architects
the house arc, to be used in new orleans & haiti is another bit of genius.  it packs tightly, ships easily, is super light weight, & is said to be assembled easier than your expedit.  the shape allows for natural cooling & withstanding tropical winds.  it's energy efficient & gorgeous.


up house

this experiment for the new nat. geo. series 
how hard can it be (coming out this fall) makes me smile
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SALE: vintage home

midcentury domore chair
vintage gym bag
vintage samsonite
vintage samsonite
vintage marcrest daisy dot pitcher