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good design

too often in western culture, 
there is a divide of from from function.  there is this underlying belief, a sense that things beautiful must lack substance, 
& things useful have no need of beauty.  
i'm not in that school.   i believe perfect form & function cannot exist without each other.  this is wonderfully illustrated in recent efforts to design efficient housing for disaster relief.

tang & yang's bamboo + paper house
this folding house was designed to meet the need of 1.5 temporary homes in china.  it's origami inspired design allows it to be transported & assembled easily into varying arrangements.

house arc by Joseph Bellomo Architects
the house arc, to be used in new orleans & haiti is another bit of genius.  it packs tightly, ships easily, is super light weight, & is said to be assembled easier than your expedit.  the shape allows for natural cooling & withstanding tropical winds.  it's energy efficient & gorgeous.