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many of you have asked me how to follow this blog.
well, there are many easy ways, so let me walk you through it 
& you'll never have to miss another post about design, life as an artist, or our travels.
i promise, it's easy.

option 1: facebook
 look to the right of this post.  clicking the facebook page icon with the tree will take you to the gael gallery facebook fan page.  "like" it & you will get new posts in your news feeds.

option 2:  rss feed
ever wonder what this thing is?  it's my favourite, that's what!  
if you already have a google account (gmail, blogger, etc) you already have a google reader account.  once you have one, you won't believe you ever got along without it.  here is a video tutorial.

you'll find my rss buttons under the facebook button. 
you have an option to subscribe to posts or even comments.
option 3:  email

on the top left hand column of this page, you'll see an icon of my tree painting, my profile, & right below that, a button that says "contact me".  click that, tell me your email address & that you'd like to receive an email subscription, & i'll add you to the list.

see?  easy.