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the writer

inspired by 
my husband who's a lot darcy & a bit draper
don draper
the liquor store in tribeca
mid-century coffee set from octaviabrown via etsy
fine art print by rogerjporter via etsy
vintage razor from thefancylamb via etsy

machine age desk lamp from thecornerstorebk via etsy
fine art print by robsimonsen via etsy
1915 typewriter from sarahanntiques via etsy
vintage desk fan from cheriescollectibles via etsy
vintage copper inkwell from rustybutton via etsy
1940s briefcase from veritevintage via etsy 
tea stained journal by bibliographica via etsy
via peppermintuniverse
looks very much like a place in his new book via foliate
western book mobile by the shophouse via etsy


lemonade wedding

inspired by
the refreshing colors of lemonade and summer
instead of getting married in a vineyard, what about a lemon orchard?
mille petals corset gown via bhldn
crespidia and succulents - what my wedding bouquet would've been in a warmer season
gin fizz shift via bhldn
via real simple
art nouveau invitation set custom made by dearemma via etsy
pinwheels will add visual interest & pops of color to the grounds diy by martha
my canary mason jars are perfect for candles or fresh flowers
lemon cake roundies by tookies via etsy
recipes for twists on a summer staple by real simple


a very un tea party

inspired by 
anthropologie winter '10
hampshire hedgehog bottle opener via anthropologie
custom high tea cupcake stand by highteaforalice via etsy
vintage cocktail ring from itsbella via etsy
signed fine art print by gildinglilles via etsy
fill old tea tins with flowers or candles
fine art print by ellemoss via etsy


goth(ch)ic wedding

inspired by tim burton's white queen.  
the trick to doing goth is not going the prepackaged predictable route.  yes, goth lacks color, but instead of black, try white.  focus on drawing from the actual gothic period.  do it right & people might not even notice you did it.

the white queen from alice
she's lovely, but the look is a bit harsh for reality.  
so, soften the lines by using a red lip stain instead of a lipstick.  leave them matte & keep the eyes soft.
i prefer revlon's just bitten in gothic
few people think to do gothic out in the sun.  that means you should.  
edward scissorhands would be perfectly happy in a topiary garden.
topiary park in columbus, oh
step away from the plastic spiders!  you know who else hangs out in dark abandoned castles?  moths!
snow moth comb via bhldn
black & red lace are predictable.  instead, go for something that might fit in a brontë novel.  the pure lack of color keeps it gothic.
sweeping taffeta ball gown via bhldn
antique cameo ring keeps things eerie by 25jewel via etsy

1800s mourning choker from gypsyroadstudio via etsy
victorian dollhouse as a centerpiece
victorian doll house by victoriandollhouse via etsy