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cozy mix: fall 2011 fashion

inspired by
cozy knits & mixed patterns

"bounty of a country weekend" lucky magazine jan '11
nanette lepore fall / winter 2011

"bounty of a country weekend" lucky magazine jan '11
essie's fall collection carry-on
fall '10 anthropologie 
stila's coconut crush lip stain - yummy nude lip without looking muddy, even if you're very fair 
aveda for rodarte fall '11


f+f: the reality of beauty & the beauty of reality

form + function introduction: part one

form & fashion are often pitted against each other, 
but is that really all we have?  is it one or the other?  

must my feet choose only to be incased in either sky high, red soled, costlier than my rent, gorgeousness or sinking into the soft, antimicrobial rubber utopia of crocs?  if i care for design, must i only rest on a bertoia weaving of wires, wincing as much at the idea of a cushion interrupting the clean, minimal lines as i am at the waffle pattern being pressed into my skin?  

my question, argument, & the topic of my new series:  
do we actually need to choose?

kaleidoscope?  no, these are the cells of a banana leaf.

growing up as an artist, science & math have always been great inspirations to me because they very clearly answer the form vs function debate.  do the beauty of these cells detract from their function?  no.  so, then, why is it that we feel the need to put art & fashion into a box & sharpie scribble "impractical vanity"?


walking art ... nyfw s/s 2012

well, nyfw has come & gone once again, & i've been mulling over the designs.  over the next few weeks, i'll be posting, not trends, but design.  fashion is not about trends to me, although they are certainly linked. 

first, the designs that left me wishing real life wasn't so practical.

oscar de la renta
norman ambrose
monique lhuillier
monique lhuillier
jason wu
rachel antonoff
the row
the row
jenny packham
jenny packham
jenny packham
zac posen 
zac posen
zac posen


fall barn wedding

forget me not wedding gown by sarah seven
dried wheat bridal bouquet by LeRoys via etsy
for the bridesmaids micha barton in plaid D&G dress
custom wooden wedding signs by DesignsByRobynLove via etsy
rustic farm wedding invitations by TwoCardinalDay via etsy
vintage gravy boat from havenvintage via etsy
sugar leaves topping sweets make a warmer alternative to the tradtional white tower by andiespecialtysweets via etsy
mason jar chandelier by BootsNGus via etsy
farm fresh soap wedding favors by oldgatesfarm via etsy
smores brownies by reeaadd via etsy
barn greeting card by lilypadprints via etsy
lamb fine art photograph by YesandAmen via etsy



my etsy shop will be going into vacation mode till december.

if you'd like to have jars shipped before december, 
please make your order before monday.

my mason jar reproductions

currently in stock:

wabi-sabi white
canary yellow
emerald green
aqua blue


ดอกอัญชัน from seed to cup

on one of my first days in thailand, i was introduced to dok un chan or butterfly pea tea by a new friend.  it was bright purple & sweet.  i was quickly hooked & set about learning how to make it myself.

buy organic dried butterfly pea flower tea from monpraon via etsy
soon, i discovered the tea came from drying the blue flower of a beautiful vine.  these vines are everywhere, & i began collecting the seed pods from the streets & growing my own.

butterfly pea vine seeds via amazon
here is how to make this very healthy & beautiful tea.

growing the vine
you will need:
  1. simply put the seeds into the tray
  2. once they sprout move them to a larger pot
  3. once those become substantial, put them in the ground near something they can climb
  4. when the flowers fully bloom, pick them from base
  5. dry the flowers & keep in an air tight container

preparing the tea

you will need:
  1. add the sugar & flowers to the pot (for my size, i used 3 blooms)
  2. add boiling water
  3. to make it turn purple, add the citrus juice


  • this tea is an exotic way to introduce color to your table & i personally think the process of turning colors could be gorgeous at a party or wedding.
  • good for circulation & blood
  • for healthy hair
  • & beneficial for vision