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ดอกอัญชัน from seed to cup

on one of my first days in thailand, i was introduced to dok un chan or butterfly pea tea by a new friend.  it was bright purple & sweet.  i was quickly hooked & set about learning how to make it myself.

buy organic dried butterfly pea flower tea from monpraon via etsy
soon, i discovered the tea came from drying the blue flower of a beautiful vine.  these vines are everywhere, & i began collecting the seed pods from the streets & growing my own.

butterfly pea vine seeds via amazon
here is how to make this very healthy & beautiful tea.

growing the vine
you will need:
  1. simply put the seeds into the tray
  2. once they sprout move them to a larger pot
  3. once those become substantial, put them in the ground near something they can climb
  4. when the flowers fully bloom, pick them from base
  5. dry the flowers & keep in an air tight container

preparing the tea

you will need:
  1. add the sugar & flowers to the pot (for my size, i used 3 blooms)
  2. add boiling water
  3. to make it turn purple, add the citrus juice


  • this tea is an exotic way to introduce color to your table & i personally think the process of turning colors could be gorgeous at a party or wedding.
  • good for circulation & blood
  • for healthy hair
  • & beneficial for vision