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f+f: the reality of beauty & the beauty of reality

form + function introduction: part one

form & fashion are often pitted against each other, 
but is that really all we have?  is it one or the other?  

must my feet choose only to be incased in either sky high, red soled, costlier than my rent, gorgeousness or sinking into the soft, antimicrobial rubber utopia of crocs?  if i care for design, must i only rest on a bertoia weaving of wires, wincing as much at the idea of a cushion interrupting the clean, minimal lines as i am at the waffle pattern being pressed into my skin?  

my question, argument, & the topic of my new series:  
do we actually need to choose?

kaleidoscope?  no, these are the cells of a banana leaf.

growing up as an artist, science & math have always been great inspirations to me because they very clearly answer the form vs function debate.  do the beauty of these cells detract from their function?  no.  so, then, why is it that we feel the need to put art & fashion into a box & sharpie scribble "impractical vanity"?