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cocoa wedding

inspired by the 
chocolate mint cocoa in my cup

gourmet amaretto hot chocolate mix by tetoncocoacompany via etsy
to the chapel gown by sarah seven (who also made my wedding dress)
prasiolite ring by onegarnetgirl via etsy
conchas by itssweet via etsy
porcelain bracelet by maapstudio via etsy
card set by ciaffi via etsy
quartz necklace by onegarnetgirl via etsy
pearls linen necklace dreamsfactory via etsy
marshmallows in cups at my wedding
vintage clutch by claireferrante via etsy

coffee cup by zakkamate via etsy

petal shrug by glamourjunkie via etay

heirloom earrings by jerseymaids via etsy

pencil dress by mooncircus via etsy
sealing wax ring set by onegarnetgirl via etsy
my wabi sabi jars - gael gallery via etsy
 toasted marshmallow cupcake lip balm by orangethyme via etsy


inspired by inheriting a quilt
a book i can't put down

century old quilt by my great grandmother (others are in the smithsonian) & painting by marie-gael (me)

raina's handmade quilt in blankets by craig thompson

by jessica of etsy: onetreebird

by abby clawson

quilted skirt on girl in harajuku
alessandra quilt from anthropologie
etsy: verabel + fox collaboration on color study II locket


here comes the sun!


le petit prince

inspired by one of the most 
beautiful books from my childhood

anthropologie: sly fox door knocker
anthropologie: little prince pop up book
pariscoutureantiques: antique french crown via etsy
bearcreekdesign: sheep needle felting kit via etsy
inmostlight: le petit prince necklace via etsy
scoutholiday: origami paper crane mobile via etsy
blissstreetjewelry: victorian rose gold cuff link via etsy
woodworkingcrafts: boa digesting an elephant via etsy
bluegrotto: cictorian seed pearl brooch via etsy

steampunksource: antique ephemera copper bookplates serpents via etsy
tenhailmarys:  antique medical snake bite kit via etsy


forcing branches indoors

the visual impact of forced branches can be stunning...
the height & structure of the branches, the bursts of color.
i'd love to see this done at a wedding in lieu of flowers.  
not only is this option cheap & easy, but it's a much greener option.  most can be found just walking through the woods.

1.  wait till a mild day in late winter & find a branch with swollen buds.
2.  using pruners, cut the branch on a diagonal.  
*some gardeners suggest lightly tapping the cut end w/ a hammer to break up the fibers, creating a greater surface area for water absorption.
3.  soak the branches in room temperature water over night.  a tub works great.
*if you can't do this, mist them
4.  bunch & tie the branches together, being careful not to break off the buds & place in a bucket of warm water.  add flower food & a spoon of bleach to the water.  this will keep the water from smelling & getting full of bacteria.
todd carr
5.  keep them out of sunlight, in a cool spot & remember to keep misting the branches!
6.  once you begin to see color in the buds, move the branches into a pretty vase & move them into a warmer room.

etsy:  my mason jar reproductions

note:  not all branches will flower within a week.  here is an overview ...

you also might want to take a look at martha's video instructions


green restraint

inspired by the beautiful restraint of a japanese garden
my longing to see green again

lifes of grass by mathilde roussel giraudy

anthropologie in london by biotecture
green graffiti by Edina Tokodi (a.k.a Mosstika)
San Francisco Flower and Garden Show 2010
String Gardens by Amsterdam Redlight Design
light bulb terrarium by etsy seller tinyterra
sky planter by patrick morris
Herzog & de Meuron Miami Art Museum Miami, Florida
The Caixa Forum in Madrid by Patrick Blanc