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cocoa wedding

inspired by the 
chocolate mint cocoa in my cup

gourmet amaretto hot chocolate mix by tetoncocoacompany via etsy
to the chapel gown by sarah seven (who also made my wedding dress)
prasiolite ring by onegarnetgirl via etsy
conchas by itssweet via etsy
porcelain bracelet by maapstudio via etsy
card set by ciaffi via etsy
quartz necklace by onegarnetgirl via etsy
pearls linen necklace dreamsfactory via etsy
marshmallows in cups at my wedding
vintage clutch by claireferrante via etsy

coffee cup by zakkamate via etsy

petal shrug by glamourjunkie via etay

heirloom earrings by jerseymaids via etsy

pencil dress by mooncircus via etsy
sealing wax ring set by onegarnetgirl via etsy
my wabi sabi jars - gael gallery via etsy
 toasted marshmallow cupcake lip balm by orangethyme via etsy


The4inONE said...

What a wonderful collection!

Thanks so much for featuring our tiny envelopes in your wonderful blog!

Mariana and Paula

DreamsFactory said...

What a fabulous collection! Thank you so much! :)