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diy: making new shoes look vintage

when going for certain styles, 
vintage especially, 
looking shiny, new, & perfect 
can often make your look costumey.  
like people, scuffs give an item more character & warmth 
... a past.  
what is vintage if not a story?

a few months ago i purchased the most comfortable flapper shooties for $14 at dsw, but there was just something not right about them.  they looked too new.

 this is similar to the technique for giving a new statue an aged patina.

1.  i took to them with sand paper & a metal finger nail file till they were evenly uneven.

2.  next, i rubbed in brown shoe polish followed by black shoe polish.

subtle, but it makes all the difference.

in my art studio wearing my newly aged shoes.
 jacket:  taikonhu   dress:  marc jacobs   belt:  anthropologie   shoes:  what's what