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wabi-sabi 侘寂

inspired by wabi-sabi
the japanese aesthetic centered on finding beauty in imperfection

spider web photograph by irenesuchocki via etsy
antique japenese copper teapot from japaneseantiques via etsy
my wabi sabi jars from etsy's gael gallery
antique indian window shutter mirror from hammerandhandimports via etsy
rural oak bowl by holzfurhaus via etsy
antique pitcher from SASSYspaces via etsy
1800's bakers table from shop13 via etsy
antique brass pulleys from fallaloft via etsy
box elder bowl by makye77 via etsy
vintage niagara box from mandahxo via etsy
circles table by michaelarras via etsy
industrial cage light by shop13 via etsy
antique bucket from oldohiofarmfinds via etsy
 vintage coffee bean bag chairs by blanaid via etsy
vintage first aid box from vintageseventyfive via etsy


fallaloft said...

So beautiful! I'm so pleased have contributed to this extraordinary collection of perfect imperfection. xo, Chris