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wabi-sabi 侘寂

inspired by wabi-sabi
the japanese aesthetic centered on finding beauty in imperfection

spider web photograph by irenesuchocki via etsy
antique japenese copper teapot from japaneseantiques via etsy
my wabi sabi jars from etsy's gael gallery
antique indian window shutter mirror from hammerandhandimports via etsy
rural oak bowl by holzfurhaus via etsy
antique pitcher from SASSYspaces via etsy
1800's bakers table from shop13 via etsy
antique brass pulleys from fallaloft via etsy
box elder bowl by makye77 via etsy
vintage niagara box from mandahxo via etsy
circles table by michaelarras via etsy
industrial cage light by shop13 via etsy
antique bucket from oldohiofarmfinds via etsy
 vintage coffee bean bag chairs by blanaid via etsy
vintage first aid box from vintageseventyfive via etsy


fall 2011 nyfw

i don't believe in following trends, 
but i do love being inspired by other artists to try new things.  

proof you don't need to show a thing to be sexy - rodarte

mussed up braids remind me of those period films where the sisters all braid each others hair before going to bed - rag & bone

governess innocence with a subtle wink of nude fishnets at jason wu

looks like she's about to attack jane eyre & burn the place down at prabal gurung

completely charming & ladylike at tibi

to me, the genius of monique lhuillier is being as comfortable in drama as in a t shirt

this year, i've been obsessed with my cape.  skinny jeans balance the bulk - rebecca minkoff

ethereal gowns & crowns of braids at erin fetherston

this is the perfect go to look for running errands.  grab some spin pins & a lip stain & it's easier than you'll believe - lucaluca

irina shabayeva's unexpected combination of drapey, heavy knits with formal fabrics

usually the rule is eyes OR lips, but keeping the shimmer nude makes this work - nanette lepore

perfect balance at rachel roy

lela rose - i've been leaving pins in my finger waves for about a year.  it gives it some edge.

so what looks are you loving on you?


inspired by this photo i took of my husband

 squid print on vintage thai text by crowbiz of etsy
nautical necklace by brooklynrehab of etsy
brigitte bardot
anthropologie - from the deep cup & saucer
take shape bikini by seafolly
ship lantern by topsydesign of etsy
lighthouse by chrishandley of etsy


diy: easy & green aromatherapy

everyone wants a home that smells beautiful, 
but many of the products made to do this aren't so great for us.  
glade & fabreeze can send people like me into allergic coughing fits.  & some are even be toxic to pet birds.  there are natural alternatives that are cheap, easy, & won't hurt anyone. 
plus, they smell much nicer.  
sorry, glade lady!

all you need is a large pot of water on the stove.  bring ingredients to a boil for about 30 min, reduce to simmer, & add water when needed.  this will also work like a humidifier.

to make your home ...

smell like a spa.
a few drops of pine essential oil
a few drops of peppermint essential oil

a few drops of lavender essential oil

smell like you've been baking something amazing.
star anise

orange peel

cinnamon sticks
smell fresh & clean.
a few drops of lemongrass essential oil

if you want something for yourself, i suggest etsy's OpulentAlchemy.  
she makes natural versions of well known perfumes & they are amazing!
this roll on perfume smells exactly like aveda's rosemary mint



new painting added to my gallery

dimensions: 3 x 4 feet

medium: acrylic

inspiration: the aging of bronze & iron. i drew from my love of science & my roots of having a chemist for a grandfather & a sculptor, who often worked with bronze, as a father.

anthropologie's spring 2011 windows

anthropologie's ability to turn function into form 
is a constant inspiration to me.  
everyday items such as closepins, zippers, string, & paper 
are shaped into avante-garde visions.  

washington d.c.

skokie, il

marlton, nj

charlotte, nc