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forcing branches indoors

the visual impact of forced branches can be stunning...
the height & structure of the branches, the bursts of color.
i'd love to see this done at a wedding in lieu of flowers.  
not only is this option cheap & easy, but it's a much greener option.  most can be found just walking through the woods.

1.  wait till a mild day in late winter & find a branch with swollen buds.
2.  using pruners, cut the branch on a diagonal.  
*some gardeners suggest lightly tapping the cut end w/ a hammer to break up the fibers, creating a greater surface area for water absorption.
3.  soak the branches in room temperature water over night.  a tub works great.
*if you can't do this, mist them
4.  bunch & tie the branches together, being careful not to break off the buds & place in a bucket of warm water.  add flower food & a spoon of bleach to the water.  this will keep the water from smelling & getting full of bacteria.
todd carr
5.  keep them out of sunlight, in a cool spot & remember to keep misting the branches!
6.  once you begin to see color in the buds, move the branches into a pretty vase & move them into a warmer room.

etsy:  my mason jar reproductions

note:  not all branches will flower within a week.  here is an overview ...

you also might want to take a look at martha's video instructions