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q & a - part 1

where are you moving?
roi et, thailand

it's most known for it's fine silks, triangle pillows, & sticky rice (yum!).  it's also ancient & has many ruins, wats, & a beautiful lake.  i'm also looking forward to visiting the free public aquarium.
when are you moving?

what will happen to your etsy store, the gael gallery?
don't worry, the gael gallery will remain open & a stock supply of blue pint jars will be kept & shipped from within america. all prices will remain the same. only blue will be available, any other custom colors will no longer stay in stock.  so, if you'd like a custom order, please make it before may.

What's your way of traveling when you get there?

mostly walking or bicycle.  we're only about 2 miles from the k.h., michael's job, & the markets.  if we need to go further, we can use a tuk tuk or train.  to get to other cities, we'll take the train.  i'm very happy about that.  when i lived in columbus, i loved being able to ride my bicycle to the grocery store.  i'll just need to do some serious practice to ride in a skirt, but how impossibly chic is that?
Will you be near a beach?
yes-ish.  it's about a 3 hour train ride, which is fine because unlike a car, you can sleep in those & many of them have single bunk beds.  why won't our plane have that?!?!  bangkok is about 7 hours & phuket would be a night's sleep away.  i can deal with that!

What's the weather like?

it's about the same level as the top of south america or hawaii.  so, it's similar to that.  right now, it is summer there with temps going from 69° at night to 89° in the day.  winter is about 2 or so months long & doesn't get much lower than 50° F.  when we get there it will be rainy season.  tropical rain happens to be my favourite weather so, i imagine i will live in my wellies, run around with wet hair,  & be very happy about it.  & when it gets too deep to ride my bike, i suppose i could hop on one of these.

more to come.  keep sending me your questions!