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welcome to the first installment of my new interview series where i'll be spotlighting artists, creative people, gallery owners, & today, a shop owner.  i stumbled across jadite kate on etsy earlier this year completely by accident, but the bright colors, rusty details, & clean lines drew me in.  i keep coming back to it.  it's one of those places that instantly relaxes & inspires you.  
she has a strong eye for the fresh & charming.

Fire King Jadite Jane Ray Cup and Saucer

how did the idea for your store start?

i’ve always wanted to have an antique store filled with great vintage wares:  jadite, retro furniture, metal advertising signs, funky lamps… 
but the thing that stopped me was overhead.  i didn’t want to pay high rent for a shop.   

one day i stumbled upon etsy and decided to set up shop (literally).   i liked the idea of a global market while storing the items in my house.

what is it about an item that calls out to you?

color screams at me.  finding jadite in an antique store is easy since the color pops out at you.  but I also like the fact that it’s not neon, but a soft green.

that's actually one thing that i noticed about your shop.  it reminds me of an old ice cream & soda shop ... bright candy colors ... but they are weighted by age, incredibly charming.
my favourite item:  vintage milk shake mixer

by the way, i'm in love with your vintage shake stand.  it makes me want to throw on a vintage apron & whip up something.

so, what is your favourite piece & why?

i LOVE the striped pitcher i recently sold.  i actually have one just like it that i use for iced tea. the shape is great and the color of the stripes is fantastic.

could you describe your workspace?
i don’t really have one designated work space but i use my kitchen the most.  there is a cabinet in there that i store all of my items, as well as the glass in my personal collection.  all of my photos are taken on my kitchen table. All of my items/boxes are also packed there.  I am a big recycler, so I reuse cardboard boxes, newspapers and bubble wrap which I store in my basement.

it's absolutely lovely!  so fresh ... like a candied apple!  i love that you rethink & reuse, both with your space & materials.  i do the same thing with my packing supplies.  
*great minds ... something something*  

thank you so much for sharing! 
now, for some eye candy ...

vintage sugar canister
swedish mixing bowl
tulip cup & saucer

flour shaker